Project Reports

Work package 1

Cooperation agreement

Kick off meeting agenda and minutes

Annual review

Final Technical Report

Work package 2

Dissemination plan

Project leaflet

Protocol papers

Lithuania paper

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Final Project Report

Work package 3

Baseline evaluation report

Annual evaluation report

Final evaluation report

Work package 4

Literature review

Qualitative study

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Work package 5

Detailed Methodology Technical Document 

Diabetes Model Technical Document

COPD Model Technical Document

CKD Model Technical Document

WP5 and WP6 report

Work package 6

WP5 and WP6 report

List of supplementary annexes

Supporting appendices to project report WP5_6

Appendix A – input data references (WP5)

1.Bulgaria disease references      

2.Finland disease references

3.Greece disease references

4.Lithuania disease references

5.Netherlands disease references

6.Poland disease references

7.Portugal disease references

8. UK disease references

Appendix B – Technical methods

1.Diabetes Model Technical Document  (WP5)

2.COPD Model Technical Document  (WP5)

3.CKD Model Technical Document  (WP5)

4.Detailed Methodology Technical Document  (WP5)

5.Economic parameters  (WP6)

6.Methodology of WP6_CE model  (WP6)

7.Differences between microsimulation and tool  (WP6)

Appendix C – Scenario Development

1.Multi-component lifestyle interventions results matrix  (WP6)

2.MCLI methods and assumptions (WP6)

3.SSB tax intervention methods and assumptions (WP6)

4.Smoking cessation services methods and assumptions (WP6)

Appendix D – EConDA Tool (WP6)

1.EConDA Tool Development

2.EConDA Tool user guide

3.EConDA downloadable Tool

4.EConDA Tool Evaluation Survey

5.EConDA Tool Feedback

Appendix E – Results

1.MCLI not annual_no regain100M   (WP6)

2.Netherlands BMI-group and smoking projections by education     (WP5)

3.Finland BMI-group and smoking projections by education    (WP5)

4.Lithuania BMI-group and smoking projections by education    (WP5)

5.Poland BMI-group projections by education    (WP5)

6.Portugal BMI-group and smoking projections by education   (WP5)

7.UK BMI-group and smoking projections by education   (WP5)

8.PersonEditor Smoking examples  (WP6)

9.Population Distribution 60+  (WP5)


Work package 7

Validation of the microsimulation model