EConDA downloadable tool

As part of the EConDA project, a downloadable tool has been created that enables users to test the impact of changing trends in obesity or smoking.

The prototype tool is available for download for pilot and academic purposes only since further modifications to the tool are taking place following feedback from dissemination workshops in EConDA countries.

EConDA Policy Tool (Beta version 6) (64bit only) - Download

Directions for download
Please extract the executable from the zip file and run the setup to install the tool.
You can then run the tool or uninstall it from your start menu.

User guide - Download

Please note:
- The tool will not work on Mac OS.
- Your screen may be too small to accept the terms so this can be adjusted by going to 'Control Panel', then 'Display' and then 'Adjust Resolution' in the top left corner.
- Your security software may give a warning that the tool is unsafe. You can safely disregard this.